HDC and NYCHA Partnership: A Bronx First

Another first for this five-year period in HDC history was the completion in 2006 of the University Macombs Apartments in the Bronx—the first development to be completed under the partnership of HDC/HPD and NYCHA. This collaboration has grown since then. The HDC/HPD and NYCHA collaboration has already produced more than 2,300 units with another 2,000 under construction and in pre-development; including Randolph Houses and the upcoming redevelopment of Prospect Plaza in Brooklyn, for a total of approximately 4,000 affordable units.

“But it’s not simply the numbers,” said Joan Tally, HDC’s Executive Vice President for Real Estate. “The numbers represent homes. They represent new opportunities for individuals and communities. Our goal is to build and preserve not just affordable housing; it’s to build stable communities.”